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Preventative Maintenance

From offices to restaurants, all commercial businesses can benefit from a HVAC preventative maintenance agreement (PM). Maintenance is a critical task to keeping your facility running smoothly. HVAC equipment can have over 100 components, and if not properly maintained, these components will not perform to their potential. Our preventative maintenance agreements are customized to meet your needs including semi-annual, quarterly or monthly options. PM's usually consist of a fall check on your heating system and spring check on your cooling system with filter changes per application.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Program

Savings From Preventative Maintenance

Up to 30% of a commercial buildings energy usage is consumed by the HVAC systems. According to the DOE, changing your filter routinely can reduce energy consumption by 5-15% and having a regular maintenance plan can provide a cost savings of up to 40%.

Preventative maintenance is especially critical in restaurants where breakdowns could mean loss of product or revenue. Untimely equipment failures could dramatically affect your operation. These untimely failures can be prevented by cleaning coils, checking heat exchangers, checking refrigerant charge, and making sure your system is running right when you need it the most.

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