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Heating & Air Conditioning Repair in Newark, Ohio

Searching for fast and reliable heating and air conditioning repair in Newark, Ohio? Look no further than Accurate Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We’re available 24/7 to provide rapid solutions for heating and cooling emergencies. As a Bryant Authorized Dealer, we specialize in repairing Bryant equipment but we can also handle repairs for other brands as well.

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We focus on delivering high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Call (614) 820-8279 today to benefit from working with a team that’s been around since 1977. 

When Does a Heater or Air Conditioner Need Repairs? 

Modern heating and air conditioning equipment is designed to last for 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced. However, this doesn’t mean that these systems will be problem-free until that point - especially when heating and cooling units are not properly maintained. In most cases, the best way to deal with the issue will be to repair it. 

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There are several signs that a heater or AC is due for repair, including: 

  • Hot and cold spots throughout the property 
  • Squealing, grinding, banging, or other strange noises 
  • Foul odors when the heating or AC is turned on
  • The system turns off and on in short intervals (short-cycling)
  • The unit is blowing, but the air is not at the right temperature 
  • Humidity issues 
  • Leaking close to the heating or AC unit
  • It’s more expensive than usual to operate the heater or AC

Noticing the signs of malfunctioning HVAC equipment is not difficult – determining the source of the issues is. With a company like Accurate Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, there’s no need to worry about inaccurately diagnosing an HVAC problem. Our highly trained techs are experts at ascertaining the exact nature of the issue and determining the best solutions. 

Why Is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

It can be frustrating to turn on an air conditioner and feel warm air coming from the vents. Sometimes this issue is the result of having the thermostat set to ON instead of AUTO. When the ON option is selected, a fan can continue to operate while the AC is off, resulting in a flow of air through the ductwork that has not been cooled. In other cases, a faulty component within the system could be causing the AC to not be cooling. 

Potential causes of an AC not blowing cool air include:

  • Dirty air filters 
  • Leaky ductwork 
  • Dirty condenser unit 
  • Clogged condensate line
  • Malfunctioning compressor 
  • Low refrigerant levels 
  • Obstructed outdoor unit 

With so many possible reasons, it’s important to rely on a skilled professional who can locate the cause and provide the right repair. Accurate repairs are essential for restoring comfort to a home and extending the lifespan of the equipment. 

Accurate Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise to fix any heating and cooling issue you’re facing.

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